A little late on my looking back at 2012 post. Keeping it short, simple and to the point. I traveled to new places, ate amazing food, welcomed my 2nd niece to the world, hung out with my best friends and family at any given time, watched movies that I will remember forever, finally signed up for singing class, rode on motorcycles, collaborated with friends on photo shoots and my biggest change of 2012 is moving to Chicago to start a new journey.
Ms Cinder's World Wrote This 2:13 PM, January 08, 2013
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Ms Cinder's World Wrote This 2:14 PM, January 08, 2013

I'm happy that your 2013 is going well!!!:) See you in Chicago! Love ya.

Unknown Wrote This 9:08 PM, January 11, 2013

This is so beautiful. I see me! :) Love you.